Is your existing conservatory icy in the winter and scorching in the summer? Do you find the glare of the sun stops you from using this part of your home?

If so, you may be in need of a conservatory roof replacement.

Conservatories installed decades ago typically feature polycarbonate roofs or single-glazing. These materials are cheap, but they don’t offer anywhere near the best thermal performance.

If you have an older, outdated conservatory, you may be wondering – can I replace a glazed conservatory roof with tiles?

The short answer is that yes, you absolutely can! Not only is this possible, but it is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners across the UK.

What materials are used for a tiled conservatory roof?

When you think of a solid conservatory roof, you may think about traditional tiles such as clay or slate. However, these materials, while a great option for a property’s roof, are not suitable for a conservatory. This is because they place too much weight on the conservatory structure and can cause damage – particularly if your conservatory is relatively old.

Because of this, lightweight roof tiles are often used for conservatory roofs. These tiles are durable, weatherproof and energy efficient. This will make your space useable all year round without damaging your existing conservatory’s structure.

What are the benefits of a tiled roof over other styles of conservatory roof?

The tiled conservatory roof is becoming extremely popular with good reason – this style of conservatory roof offers advantages over outdated materials and styles such as enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation and a low-maintenance visual appeal.

Protect your peace and quietwhite uPVC conservatory extension with a black tiled roof

If you have a conservatory roofed with polycarbonate tiles or single glazing, you’ll know how noisy the outside world can be!

From rain and wind to traffic and noisy neighbours, external noise can make your conservatory an unappealing place to relax. However, our tiled conservatory roofs offer excellent acoustic insulation and are adept at keeping external noise out.

Reduce heat loss – and your energy bills!

Our tiled conservatory roofs are cleverly designed to keep heat in and cold air out during the winter months. Thanks to our cleverly designed tiled conservatory roofs, maintaining a consistently comfortable temperature in your space will be easier than ever before.

Because this reduces the amount of energy that you need to use for heating and cooling your conservatory, you will not only reduce your energy bills but also your carbon footprint – it’s a win-win!

Variety of design and colour options

Tiled conservatory roofs can be made in almost any design, from classic styles like Victorian or Edwardian to contemporary or bespoke designs.

Tiled roofs are extremely versatile, and can be customised to fit any style of home from traditional to modern. Solid roofs also come with a range of colour and finish options to match your unique aesthetic.

Will replacing my conservatory roof with a tiled roof make my conservatory darker?

Although a loss of light is unavoidable when replacing a conservatory roof with tiles, there are several ways we can make sure your space remains bright, light and airy.tiled roof on a white uPVC conservatory snow

Although your conservatory will have a tiled roof, plenty of light will still flood in from the windows.

From roof windows (with blinds!) and glass panels to internal spotlights, there are also plenty of options for homeowners looking for extra light.

Is it cost-effective to get a conservatory roof replacement?

Every project is different, and conservatory roof replacement costs will vary depending on several different factors such as size and style of the roof, the complexity of design, colours and finishes chosen, and type of tile.

However, homeowners must consider the savings they will gain from having a more thermally insulated space; because a solid tiled roof prevents heat loss, homeowners can save money on their energy bills for years to come!

What should I choose BSF Windows for my conservatory roof replacement?

As a trusted and respected provider of windows, doors and glazed extensions, at BSF Windows we pride ourselves on a job well done. Our success as a business depends on the quality of our installations, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that we will deliver swift turnarounds, friendly service and exceptional installations.

We also have decades of experience to bring to the table and, as a family-run business with an knowledgeable team, we know the best way to tackle any job and make sure that every project is as stress-free as possible. We can even advise you on any building regulations you may need to consider.tiled roof conservatory house banner

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