The iconic wooden sash window is as popular today as it was when it first arrived in Britain around 300 years ago. Its classic design, combined with a simple but highly effective method of opening and closing, means that it has lasted through many different eras of housing styles.

Today, the sash window is a staple of many new builds as it is with the occupiers of historic buildings. It possesses unbeatable, timeless elegance and can add value to homes from any era.

Here at BSF Windows, we create double glazed wooden sashes that are superbly crafted, durable and highly sought-after among discerning homeowners. Surrey has many thousands of properties, old and new, which would benefit from new or replacement windows and there’s no doubt that sashes bring real elegance and warmth to any home.

One of the questions we are often asked about wooden sashes is cost. There is a perception that they are expensive, which is understandable given they are made from a natural material that is sourced from sustainable forests. In terms of price, much depends on style, the type of timber used, the size of the frame and the number of windows needed. Wooden frames are a classic and luxurious choice for sash windows, adding a timeless and visually appealing quality to your property.

timber effect uPVC flush sash windows on a white thatched cottage

Given these varying factors, it’s not always easy to come up with an exact price, but as a ballpark figure, including fitting, we would estimate the average cost to be somewhere between £1400 and £1700 per window, depending on size.

Now let’s take a more detailed look at the factors which influence price, and why we believe wooden sash windows are an excellent deal for the money you will spend.

First, there is size. Householders with large period properties, especially from the Georgian era, will mostly have bigger sash windows that are usually found on the ground and first floors. However, many wooden sash windows can be found in properties far more modest than grand country houses, so in that respect there is a cost-saving.

We supply sash windows in both hardwoods and softwoods. Both have outstanding properties in terms of thermal performance, strength, looks and longevity. Hardwood (such as oak, beech and maple) has an advantage over softwood (usually pine, cedar and yew) in that it is somewhat more durable and, if properly maintained, can last for 60 years, as opposed to an average life of 50 years for softwood. Again, this has some bearing on price; if you’re on a budget softwood will be a better choice, whereas if you’re looking for durability, hardwood is the one to go for.

oak uPVC flush sash bay window

Now, you might be asking if uPVC sash windows might not be a better option for the money, and it would be a good question. Certainly, uPVC is robust, durable and thermally efficient. Plus, timber-effect windows made of uPVC are very close to the real thing and won’t need painting every seven or eight years! That said, if you live in a listed building or a conservation area with strict planning requirements about cosmetic changes to the homes within it, uPVC may not be an option anyway.

It’s also the case that timber generally performs better, thermally speaking, than uPVC. Wood is a natural insulating material and if looked after provides impressive U-values (a means of measuring ‘thermal transmittance’, i.e. how easily heat gets through windows and doors). The lower the U-value the better the window performs, and in the long term this translates into lower energy bills. So there is a cost saving to be had here.

And let’s not forget environmental issues. Yes, you might be paying more for your timber windows but you are also purchasing an organic material that is grown and harvested as sustainably as possible. Plus, if carefully maintained it will last longer than uPVC – another environmentally-related benefit to consider.

flush sash windows houses banner

Finally, another means of offsetting the cost of a wooden sash window is to consider what estate agents call ‘kerb appeal.’ Wooden sash windows have this in spades – their classic looks and natural materials are definitely eye-catching and features like this which chime with the building’s origins are a great option for buyers. As part of an overall package of outstanding features, wooden windows are up there with the most sought-after.

Our wooden sash windows offer outstanding thermal performance for year-round comfort and quality security features for ultimate peace of mind. They can be customised to match your own tastes and your home’s particular style, and they come with a guaranteed 10-year warranty.

For more information about wooden sash windows and to discuss your individual requirements, why not contact us here, or give us a call on 01293 408713.